2024 new look for TicketStage

The New

We've always valued our website's performance and technical proficiency. The time has come to update the look and feel to match some of the latest and greatest in responsive layout design.

We hope to still provide the same functionality that will look good on a phone, tablet, desktop, or in your car. If you think there is anything we could modify to make the site better let us know!

Screenshot from 2024-05

Circa 2002

2002 feels like a very long time ago.

It is fun to look back and see that even with our first iteration we mostly focused on functionality.


Circa 2007

2007 brought a new color scheme, logo design, and some pictures from a ticketstage theater.

Circa 2012

Little more than a decade ago we updated the color scheme and logo again.

Our primary focus was, and still is, fast, reliable, and functional.