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Important: If you looking for information about tickets that you have ordered on TicketStage, please contact the theater directly. Theater contact information is on the email confirmation notice your received, and on the top of the ticket ordering page for that theater. We do not sell any tickets directly or on EBay.
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About Us

TicketStage is a family business that provides online box office functionality with personal customer support for theaters, dance academies, schools, universities, and local town events for over 20 years.

Theaters that want to modernize old box office systems come to us and we make sure they support their patrons and streamline the management side of performances.

Coupons, subscriptions/memberships, symposiums, ticket scanning at the door, ticketed seating, general admission seating, cabaret seating, and lots of other types of seating - we’ve done a lot.

We love to make services that are capable, responsive, and personal - all in the support of the arts.

Thank you for your interest!

Our Cast

Charles Cornell

Matt Cornell
Vice President/CTO

Kristin Cornell
Director of Admin

Rebecca Stone
Senior Account Manager

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Privacy Policy Statement is owned and operated by MMCIS, Inc. (

MMCIS is committed to the protection of your online privacy. During the course of processing your ticket order, we collect information about you, including your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit information, and the IP address of the system you use to place the order. All data collected is used solely to manage your order.

Your contact information may be used to notify you of the status of your order or to contact you about any changes to the event. The credit information is used to bill you for the order.

MMCIS/TicketStage uses to process all credit card transactions. Accordingly, MMCIS/TicketStage transmits your credit information as well as your name, billing street and ZIP to

Use of Information by MMCIS/TicketStage clients

MMCIS/TicketStage provides online ordering services to our clients, typically community theaters, schools, and organizers of local events. Each client has the ability to download the order information for those orders that apply to their events. For credit orders processed by MMCIS/TicketStage's merchant account, the downloadable information does not contain the credit information. For credit orders that are processed by the client's merchant account, the downloadable information does include the credit information. Clients can only download information about orders for their events. MMCIS does not share your information with any other party than the client for which you ordered tickets.MMCIS/TicketStage requires that email list signup questions be Opt-out (the default response is: No do not add me).

MMCIS/TicketStage clients are responsible for defining, posting and implementing their own privacy policies. MMCIS/TicketStage makes no claim concerning the completeness, reliability or applicability of client policy.


MMCIS/TicketStage takes precautions to protect your information during and after the order process.

All credit information is transmitted using SSL encryption and is protected by industry standard encryption on our storage systems. Once an order has been processed, the system only transmits the last 4 digits of your credit card number and never transmits the CVV2 or security code associated with the order.

MMCIS/TicketStage also does everything in its power to protect your information offline, storing it in encrypted form on backup media. Credit information is periodically purged once there is no longer any need for it, for example, to issue a refund. While MMCIS/TicketStage uses encryption to protect the most sensitive data such as credit information, we also do everything in our power to protect all user information. Our servers are located on Amazon AWS servers.


Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores in your hard drive or in your system's memory. They are only read by the server that sent them to your browser. They do not contain any code nor are they able to infect your system with a virus or a worm.

MMCIS/TicketStage uses a cookie to track the order process. The cookie data consists solely of the order number and is maintained only during the ordering process. Once the process is complete, either when it has been accepted as a confirmed order, or you cancel it, the cookie is destroyed by the browser. There is no personal or credit information stored in the cookie.

Notification of Changes

If MMCIS decides to change its privacy policy, the changes will be posted in this privacy statement. MMCIS will also post notices in appropriate places on its website and on You may email us with any questions about this policy to