Welcome to MMCIS/TicketStage

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

First please make sure you are all taking care of yourselves. Thank you for supporting our theaters and other organizations and using TicketStage during this past year.

As we start to re-open, our organizations are continuing to take advantage of some of the features we have added over the past year, such as video performances, or automatically reserving buffer seats.

Welcome back and we look forward to returning to our organizations making their talents and skills available through entertaining events.

Be safe and follow the federal, state, and local directives. Thank you again.

TicketStage by MMCIS, Inc. is an online ticketing and box-office service for theaters, schools and local events. It provides theaters, schools, and other organizations Internet ticket ordering by credit card for their patrons and a Web-based box-office service for their staff.

TicketStage adds on-line ticket ordering to an organization's web site for both subscriber and non-subscriber patrons. Patrons select seats from the theater's seating chart. Subscriber credits are automatically checked, applied, and usage recorded. Orders are instantly confirmed and ticket/invoices provided. TicketStage supports multiple venues for performances and online ordering for subscriptions/memberships as well as donations.

TicketStage also provides a web-based box-office service for theaters to book phone, mail, and window orders. Since the box-office is web-based, theater staff can book orders from both the theater's box-office and their home computers. The system supports multiple staff simultaneously booking orders.

Theaters decide what TicketStage services to use and can change at any time. A theater can use just the patron on-line ticketing and integrate it with their existing ticketing system. Theaters not ready for patron on-line ticketing can use just the on-line box-office service.